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Featured Feline

Bo & Leo


Bo and Leo are big sweethearts. Bo is a solid white short hair and his brother is a tabby brown bobtail. If you are looking for the perfect pair, these siblings adore each other.

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  1. Mark says:


    We recently purchased a property in Ellijay.. The previous owners took their three “rodent control” felines with them so we are looking for replacements… 2-3 young cats/kittens would be purrfect.
    Please let us know what you have available currently.. we could drive up and take a look today if thats convenient for you

    thank you,


    • Cheryl Malone says:

      I have 3 beautiful brothers; Apricot, Marmalade and Peaches and Cream. They’re excellent hunters, neutered and vaccinated. I just posted them separately with Whiskers but I’d love to keep them together if possible. Peaches especially wants to be friends with people, Marmalade is next and Apricot is a bit more shy. They’re all good with my German shepherd. Still looking for barn cats? I’ll deliver them free to you. I’m in Blairsville if you want to see the kitties.

  2. Mark says:

    all the letters in my email address didnt take in the previous comment.. the one below is correct

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