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Buy a Pet Bed - Give our Shelter a Bed for Free!

Kitty Boutique

Looking for that perfect gift to pamper yourself or your pet with? Look no further! Shop with any of our partner retailers below and not only will you be getting a treat, but you will be giving one to Whiskers Project also!

Whiskers Project Cookbook:Cookbook for Sale

Whiskers Project has collected the best recipes from volunteers, cat lovers, family and friends and compiled them into an attractive cookbook, CAT LOVERS COOKBOOK. The cost of the cookbook is $10.00 + $3 shipping. Copies are limited. The Cat Lovers Cookbook is a collection of tasty creative easy recipes from beverages, desserts to main dishes, including yummy chocolate recipes for everyday of the month. All proceeds support our non-profit spay neuter program. To order, click on the Buy Now button below or email us at info@whiskersproject.org.



For every Pet Bed you purchase, a “Shelter Certified” Pet Bed will be donated. Please select Whiskers Project as your animal rescue group of your choice at checkout.

Scan My Pets:

Where lost pets are as good as found! Retail tags are $19.99 and anyone with a smartphone can scan the tag for instant contact information. Choose your tag and if you don’t have a smartphone you can call 24/7 at 877-ScanPet.

Help support Whiskers Project while keeping your pet safe. Use promo code WHISKERS at checkout and Whiskers Project will receive up to a $10 donation per order back from Scan My Pets.


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