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Lucky Cat Thrift Store

Whiskers Project is happy to announce the opening of the Lucky Cat Thrift Store! Come shop our new quaint and friendly thrift store that supports felines. The Lucky Cat Thrift Store is open Wednesdays through Saturdays 10am-4pm. We are accepting donations during store hours. Also, if you would like to help at the store, we have two different 3 hour volunteer shifts, from 10am-1pm and 1pm-4pm. Come have some fun and meet some great customers.  Animal Lovers are the best!

You can find us in Blairsville at 5933 Hwy 515E, next to the Blairsville RV Sales Lot. We have a lot of great deals just waiting for you!

Missing Cat: Big Boy

Missing Cat: Big Boy

Missing Cat: Big Boy

Red Alert! Cats in Lawrenceville Need Our Help!

From PlannedPEThood:

Help us save the Lawrenceville cats!!!
We don’t raise the alarm unless it’s absolutely necessary. This is one of those times.
An apartment complex in Lawrenceville is about to be demolished. It’s home to more than 30 cats–some feral, some friendly–who live in crawlspaces under the buildings and have relied on the residents for food and water. The residents must be out by June 15, and demolition can begin any time after that.
There is nowhere for the cats to go. If not relocated, they will likely die of starvation or become trapped during demolition or meet some other terrible end. We can’t let that happen.
Planned PEThood has committed to saving the Lawrenceville cats.
 But we have a very brief window of time to do it–and we need your help.  So far we have trapped 16 adults and 7 kittens. However, we know there are at least 19 more cats at the complex!
Here’s what you can do to help us get these cats SAFE before the bulldozers move in:
When the last residents leave, the Lawrenceville cats will have no food or water – and shortly no home.  This young tabby cat needs an outdoor or warehouse home.
Most of the cats are feral, so they must be relocated to suitable homes in barns, sheds, backyards, warehouses, etc. In exchange for food or water, feral cats will provide free, organic pest control. We’ll spay/neuter and vaccinate the cat(s) before delivery, and we’ll also provide instructions on how to care for them during the relocation process. The cats are FREE to suitable homes. Please commit to adopting a feral cat or two for your backyard, barn, warehouse, workplace, etc.
Email or call 678-541-9370 for more information.
One of the many kittens rescued from the apartment complex.  He and his siblings will be fostered, socialized and put up for adoption to loving forever homes.
We need foster homes for the young kittens, which can be socialized and put up for adoption. We provide all vet care and medications; you provide love and a safe space, like a spare bathroom or bedroom. Fostering SAVES LIVES–and that was never more true than in this situation. Can you become a foster family for kitties in need?
Email or call 678-561-3491 for more information.
3. DONATIONS: We need monetary donations to pay for spay/neuter and vaccinations for the cats being relocated to outdoor homes, as well as for the kittens and friendlier cats in foster care. Feral spay/neuter costs $35 per cat. Go here to donate and enter Apartment Cats in the dedication field (web only): Donations under $10 can be made via PayPal to
Our volunteer rescued these newborns and placed them in a humane trap. Just as intended – their scent and cries attracted
their scared and elusive mom – who went in after them.
We need more traps!
We use TruCatch traps, which can be ordered here:

Please SHARE this email with your friends to help us reach lots of people as quickly as possible.
If you have any media contacts that could cover the desperate plight of these cats, please let us know.  The clock is ticking!
Check our Facebook page at for updates on the trapping and relocation efforts.
Please help us save these cats before it’s too late!

Featured Felines: Bo and Leo

Bo & Leo


Bo and Leo are big sweethearts. Bo is a solid white short hair and his brother is a tabby brown bobtail. If you are looking for the perfect pair, these siblings adore each other.

To find out more about this Featured Feline, click over to our Available Pets page for additional information.

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#StartWithaSmile at to stock up for Halloween and Amazon donates to Whiskers Project!

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Featured Feline: Herman & Mogleigh

Herman & Mogleigh

If you are looking for the perfect pair, these siblings adore each other. They are very playful, very sweet and like dogs. You will love having them around.

To find out more about this Featured Feline, click over to our Available Pets page for additional information.