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Available Pets

Sometimes we rescue strays and kittens from cat colonies that have been domesticated that need homes. Those cats/kittens are in our foster homes and posted here on our adoptable list.

We are not a surrender facility. If you need assistance finding a home for a feline check with your local humane society. To find rescue groups in your area go to www.petfinder.com and click on shelters for your state.

We are always looking for farms, barns and stables to relocate sterile and rabies vaccinated barn cats that need homes. Please contact us if you can provide feeding and location assistance.

If you can’t adopt a friend now, please consider donating online by clicking on the link to the right for www.JustGive.org or PayPal. You can also help one of our adoptables by clicking on the “Sponsor Me” icon on the orphans bio page on PetFinder.com. Your support is greatly appreciated!